The technology part in commercial and residential moves is where you tag and bag your technical equipment cords, wires and smaller technical parts. The hardest thing when you move is trying to find the cord to the computer or the TV or any other cord for that matter.

Keep Technical things together as much as possible. Technology in moving no matter whether it's a commercial move or a residential move is making sure your equipment works with the systems in the area your moving to.

Today and in the future our world will always be technical. Most of these technical products are definitely an asset to our companies and our personal lives. Therefore when your moving to another town or city in Ontario, cities or towns Paragon does business with such as; the complete Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Oshawa, Burlington, Pickering, Scarborough, Vaughan Toronto, etc.

The technical companies servicing your internet, cable, utilities and other technical services can sometimes be different. This is why Paragon Office Installation Services gives our clients whether be commercial or residential clients the heads up when moving to a different location. Paragon Office Installation Services technical representative is always available to answer your technical questions.

  • Have you contacted your MIS Dept to start a plan for the infrastructure?
  • Can your phone system support your growth and new building?
  • Is it cheaper to upgrade to voice over IP?
  • Who will bag & tag your systems?
  • Never implement new hardware or software upgrades before or during move unless the system is dependent on the upgrade such as Token Ring to Ethernet.